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The China Website Audit is available for USD 1790,- per website/business. Included in the price you get a report on you current state complete with suggestions and tutorials on how to fix current problems and potentially move forward in the future. The audit does not include any development or hands-on work from our side but is rather a tool to enable you and your team to implement the changes yourself.

If you’re interested in buying our service, please show your interest by submitting your information with the form below. Once we receive your inquiry, we will take a first look at your business and scan for potential problems. Should we find no problems or only minor issues, we’ll mention them to you and let you know that your site is already implemented very well and that you probably wouldn’t get enough value out of the audit. If you’re still interested in working together we can find custom agreements to do so. Should we find enough unaddressed issues or potential for improvement, we’ll let you know exactly what we’re planning on doing and will send you a link to purchase our service. If you’re interested you can then go on and buy it and we’ll deliver within 2 weeks time, if you’re not interested anymore, you can simply let us know and not purchase the China Website Audit.

In any way, we guarantee 100% refunds in case you think you’re not getting what you’ve paid for. For more information on that, please see the paragraph below. We’re looking forward to hearing from you and help you make your website perform great in China!

100% Money Back Guarantee

We are proud of our service and we are sure your custom-made Chinese Website Audit will help you and your business in a big way. However, if you think, that for whatever reason you haven’t got what you’ve paid for, let us know within 3 months of audit delivery that you’re unhappy with our service and what points you’re unhappy with and you will get a full refund without any further questions asked. The goal of the Chinese Website Audit is to help your business succeed in China by boosting your visitor and sales numbers – if we fail to give constructive advice that helps you get closer to that goal it’s only fair to offer you to get your money back.

FastSpring – Our Payment Partner

The China Website Audit service is sold via the FastSpring E-Commerce Platform, so don’t be surprised the invoicing company is FastSpring and not Wohok Solutions. FastSpring’s service works very similar to Amazon’s e-book service where anybody can upload an e-book, Amazon is selling it for you, keeps a share of the price and forwards the remaining amount to the author, or in our FastSpring’s case to us. The China Website Audit is used by companies all around the world and FastSpring allows us to concentrate on what we’re good at, which is giving you advice, and they worry about payment methods and especially taxes (VAT, sales tax, etc.).

For you, FastSpring can be seen as the guarantee that our 100% money back guarantee isn’t just something we say but is actually something you have control over with or without our approval. On FastSpring’s website you can go to Question a Charge to request a refund for a payment made or get in touch with their customer service directly via email or phone. Should you have any questions regarding invoices, you can also directly get in touch with FastSpring to solve any potential problems.

Still open questions?

Get in touch with us directly and we’ll be happy to answer any questions, whether it be about the audit itself, a quick outline on what we can do for your business or simply to test the waters and get in touch with us before you buy – whatever it is we can help you with, let us know and we are happy to get back to you as quickly as possible.