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Top China CDNs: SkyparkCDN

A quick introduction to SkyparkCDN, one of our top performers in the most recent CDN test


In our recent CDN performance test, SkyparkCDN came out on top of analysis one and in second place in analysis two. In each of the 8 test rounds, SkyparkCDN consistently scored latency times under 100ms, speed that only few of the other CDNs could match.

About SkyparkCDN

SkyparkCDN is a Russian start-up founded in 2013. Today, SkyparkCDN apparently has the largest coverage in Russia of any CDN provider and thanks to partnerships around the world, good coverage all over the globe. Most of the documentation is available both in Russian and English. More information can be found on SkyparkCDN’s website:

Service and price

SkyparkCDN uses the pay-as-you-go approach, so you’re just paying for what you’re using without any monthly minimum fee. This is in stark contrast to yesterday’s CDN provider Quantil and makes SkyparkCDN particularly interesting for small to medium sized websites.

At the time of writing, a monthly usage of 100GB in Russia, USA or Europe would cost USD 8.93, 1TB USD 90.92, so costs seem to grow in a linear way. In Asia Pacific region, 100GB would cost USD 16.75, in Africa and South America 100GB have estimated costs of USD 21.21. All prices are according to SkyparkCDN’s calculator on and are subject to change.

For clients with more traffic, SkyparkCDN also offers packages with reduced rates. Again, for more information on that, check out the pricing page on their website:

SkyparkCDN and China

SkyparkCDN doesn’t have a presence in Mainland China, does, however, have POPs in Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Russia and Kazakhstan, so its network is present in the most important places on the border to Mainland China.

Particularly the presence in Hong Kong and Japan should make for good speed in any of the bigger cities on China’s East coast. The presence in Kazakhstan should increase speed in China’s less developed Western part significantly.

All in all SkyparkCDN is doing what it can to achieve maximum performance within Mainland China without actually having a physical presence there. For its clients, this approach has the advantage of not needing an ICP license while still enjoying respectable loading speed within Mainland China.

More information

Here a list of resources and websites this article is based on and where you can find out more about SkyparkCDN:


For small to medium sized companies with a focus on China or Asia Pacific in general, SkyparkCDN seems to be a good solution, for Russia and CIS countries, it might even be the best CDN solution out there. Being a young company has its advantages in terms of flexibility, little legacy software/hardware and quick adaptability to new trends. However, traditional companies looking for established players and not minding higher prices might prefer one of the bigger CDN providers out there.

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