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Speed up your website with Google’s PageSpeed Insights

Google’s PageSpeed Insights can be a great too to improve speed and usability of your website


Speed is one of the most important factors for the success of your website in China. It not only affects your success in terms of SEO, the general slower loading speed in Mainland China makes every Kilobyte count.

Google’s PageSpeed Insights is a great tool to improve the loading speed of your website and reduce the total size of your content as well as number of files loaded. Regardless of whether or not you’re targeting China as key market, Google PageSpeed results should matter to you as it gives you an idea of how search engines view your site and how well your website is built overall.

Why speed optimization matters

There are multiple arguments for you to optimize your website as much as possible. Search engines like Google or Baidu favour quick loading sites to slow ones, your users have a better experience, you might reduce your bounce rate, you might save money by reducing transfer costs, etc.

Related to China, the most important factor is usability. The last thing you want is users to sit in front of their computers or phones and wait a minute for your website to load. Optimizing images, structure and content of your website can reduce loading times significantly and help you deliver a great experience to users regardless of their internet connection.

How to get started

To get started, go to the following link:

Next, enter your URL into the text field and click “Analyze”. After a quick analysing on Google’s part, you’ll see the results for mobile and desktop.

Mobile results

Mobile results Google PageSpeed Insigts

Google delivers the results in three categories:

  • Should fix (red)
  • Consider fixing (yellow)
  • Passed rules (green)

Now, don’t worry, as you can see in the screenshot above, China Website Audit has some issues in any of the categories, even the red one. It’s almost impossible to get to 100% on the speed score without making compromises on design and usability, everything over 80% I usually see as pretty good.

All of the issues come with a “Show how to fix” link that opens a section with additional information to what exactly made this point fail and how you can go about fixing it. Things like render-blocking Javascript and CSS are difficult to completely get rid of. However, you can reduce the number of files listed there. For details you best talk to your web developer directly.

Google PageSpeed mobile usability

When scrolling down a bit, you get to the user experience section. This tells you how well you’re doing in terms of mobile usability. This is very important, not just for Google rankings, but especially as Chinese internet users love to go online using their phone or tablet. So your site inevitably has to be optimized for mobile gadgets, otherwise it’s close to impossible to get successful in today’s China.

Desktop results

Desktop results Google PageSpeed Insights

Finally, desktop, usually comes with better grades than mobile as things like not-optimized images, etc. aren’t viewed as such a big problem assuming that the internet connection your computer uses is quicker than the one you have on your phone.

A thing to also maybe point out here is the screenshot of your website on the right. For desktop it should be very similar to what you see on your computer, for mobile, however, it’s critical that you check the screenshot to make sure that the site looks ok, especially if you don’t look at your site too often using your smartphone.


Even though Google doesn’t really play a role in China’s internet market, its PageSpeed Insights can still be very valuable in optimizing your website for the Chinese market. Speed matters regardless of your target market, but particularly does so in Mainland China.

The final score of your site isn’t that important as long as it’s at least in the yellow range. If you have a red score on either mobile or desktop (or both), make sure you take the measures to improve the quality of your site to create a better usability for users and increase the chances for great search rankings in China and worldwide.

by | Aug 30, 2016 | Website Speed

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