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Logo and favicon for search results

Learn how to add logo and favicon for search results


After creating a new account and adding your website to the webmaster tools, it’s now time to actually add some additional information to your website.

sogou-additional-information-01 has a couple of fields that differ from other search engine’s webmaster tools in that you can add favicon and logo directly to the account. So let’s get started.

Adding a logo

After you’ve logged in, go to 站长工具 (say zhan zhang gong ju – meaning webmaster tools) and then on 匹配网站logo (say pi pei wang zhan logo – meaning matching website logo).


Then scroll down.


Click on 编辑 (say bian ji – meaning edit) and a dialog will appear.


For 网站类型 (say wang zhan lei xing – meaning type of website) choose 自适应 (say zi shi ying – meaning adaptive/responsive). This basically means that your website can be shown on PC and mobile. Then click on 上传图片 (say shang chuan tu pian – meaning upload picture). The picture you pick must be a PNG, should be between 90x90px to 200x200px and not bigger than 200KB.


Click 确定 (say que ding – meaning confirm) and 确定 again and that’s it, you’ve set your logo.


You should now be able to see your logo in the list next to the website you’ve added it to. The status at the moment would be 等待审核 (say deng dai shen ke – meaning waiting for approval). According to Sogou it will take between 7 and 10 days for the logo to be approved.

Adding a favicon

Adding a favicon is very similar to adding a logo, so I’ll spare you some of the screenshots here. First click on 匹配网站favicon (say pi pei wang zhan favicon – meaning matching website favicon) and scroll down. There you will again find a list of your websites:


Click on 编辑 and a dialog will appear. Again, choose 自适应. Now the icon isn’t uploaded from your PC but is rather a link to a picture or icon on your server, so you’ll have to paste a URL.

For that, first go to your website, make a right click and choose “View Page Source” (how to view your page source will vary depending on browser and operating system; if in doubt, google how this works for your browser/operating system). Now search for

link rel="icon"

Depending on how well your website is done, you should find at least one tag telling the browser where to find the favicon. In my case, there are a lot of links all to different sizes of the favicon. The icon you can pick must be a perfect square, its size must be between 16x16px and 64x64px, the format either ICO or PNG and the size not bigger than 200KB.


I’ll pick the 32x32px one, copy the link and paste it into the dialog.


Then click 确定 and 确定 again. And you should end up with a nice screen like this:


Adding name, sitemap, etc.

It is possible to also add the name of your website to To do so click on 匹配中文站点名 (say pi pei zhong wen zhan dian ming – meaning matching Chinese website name), scroll down and click 编辑. To add your name, however, you have to have an IPC number, which most of foreign website owners won’t have. So I keep that out of this tutorial.

Under 官网认证 (say guan wang ren zheng – meaning official website verification) you can let verify that you as an entity/person are the owner and publisher of the website. This will lead to a green sign appear in the search results and is probably very useful in terms of ranking. However, in order to be able to apply for this, you also have to have an IPC number, so again, this won’t be part of this tutorial.

Finally, sitemaps. The tool for adding sitemaps for your website is on invitation only. So after adding your website and verifying ownership, you’ll still have to wait for some time to be able to add a sitemap to your account. Once that’s possible for we’ll follow up with a blog post about adding a sitemap to


Being able to directly add logo and favicon to the webmaster tools is a nice feature of I’ll revisit this topic in around 2 weeks time to see how the status has changed and whether or not I’m able to add my sitemap for Wohok Solutions.

by | Aug 22, 2016 | Search Engines

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