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How to register for Baidu webmaster tools

A step-by-step guid to create a Baidu webmaster tools account


Baidu is China’s biggest search engine with a market share of more than 50%. Globally, it’s the third biggest search engine and used beyond China’s borders especially in other Asian countries.

Once you’ve successfully registered for a Baidu account, you can use it across all of their services, very much like you can use your Google account all across Google’s services. For this tutorial, however, we first stick to the webmaster tools.

Step 1: The overseas registration page

Registering for a Baidu account without having a Chinese mobile number seems to be impossible at first, as there are no links to the overseas registration page on the webmaster tools page ( as such.

However, the trick is to add “&overseas=1” to the registration URL, then you can actually pick your phone number’s country code. To register an account using the webmaster tools as referring page, click on the following link:

Now you should be able to see a screen full with Chinese characters. If you have a browser that can translate Chinese, feel free to use that service, it shouldn’t mess with the functionality of the page. Otherwise, play through the following steps and you should be able to get registered even without knowing what any of the characters mean.

Step 2: Put in your phone number


The first step is to pick your country code and add your phone number.

Step 3: Confirm you are human


Once you’ve done that, some sort of mechanism will appear that’s used to make sure that you are actually a human being. In this example above, you have to click on the puzzle piece. Once you’ve clicked it, the gap in the picture will appear and you have to drag the puzzle piece into the gap to complete the image.

Step 4: Confirm your phone number and enter information


After having confirmed that you are a human user, Baidu will send you a 6-digit confirmation code to your phone. You have to put the code from the text message into the third text field.

After that, add a username into text field 2 and a password into text field 4. The password should

  • … be 6 to 14 characters long
  • … consist only of letters (capital and/or lower case), numbers and punctuation
  • … not contain spaces

Once that’s all entered, click the blue button saying 注册 (say zhu ce – meaning sign up) and that’s it, you’ve successfully created an account!

Step 5: Getting started with Baidu webmaster tools


Finally, to get started, simply click on the blue button on the right or on 工具 (say gong ju – meaning tools) on the top.


Once one knows the trick of how to get to the international registration page, signing up for a Baidu account is a quick and easy process. Make sure you keep your phone number information up to date in the Baidu account settings so you always have the option to recover your password in case you lose or forget it.

by | Aug 26, 2016 | Search Engines

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