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How to recover your Baidu password

A step-by-step guide on how to get a new password for your Baidu account


It happens to all of us. The number of passwords we are dealing with is just a little bit overwhelming at times, so it happens that we forget some of them. In Baidu’s case, the annoying thing is that the whole page is using characters which might complicate things a little bit. So here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how to get a new password to log into your account.

Step 1: Choose the overseas mode

Before we start, click on this link to get to the recover password area:


Next click on 海外手机号找回密码 (say hai wai shou ji hao zhao hui mi ma – meaning overseas password recovery via phone number) to get to the input form with country codes for phone numbers.

Step 2: Enter phone number and captcha


Pick the correct country code, enter your phone number and the correct captcha text. To change the captcha you can click on 换一张 (say huan yi zhang – meaning change to another one).

After everything’s entered click on 下一步 (say xia yi bu – meaning next step).

Step 3: Get the confirmation code


Next you get to a screen like the one above. To have Baidu send you the confirmation code, click on 发送验证码 (say fa song yan zheng ma – meaning send confirmation code). After a few seconds (might take a bit) you will get a 6-digit code you have to enter into the text field. Then again click the blue button saying 下一步.

Step 4: Entering a new password


Finally, the last step is to enter a new password with the following characteristics:

  • 6 to 14 characters long
  • consisting only of letters (capital and/or lower case), numbers and punctuation
  • contains no blank spaces

Click 下一步 for a final time and you’re done. You can now go to the Baidu service of your choice and log in using your username and new password.


Using the phone number related to your Baidu account, it is quick and easy process to recover your password in case you can’t remember the old one.

by | Aug 27, 2016 | Search Engines

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