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How to create a webmaster account on

This tutorial shows you how to get started with Chinas third biggest search engine


As introduced in a blog a couple of days ago, (alias the “search dog”) is the third largest search engine in China and backed by two of the biggest players in the Chinese IT market, Tencent and Sohu. This article explains how to create a webmaster account on which is needed in order to submit sitemaps for websites and add additional information about e.g. logos and name.

Step 1: Sign Up

To create an account, go to and click on 注册 (say zhu ce – meaning sign up).


Put in your username, a password and the captcha and click on the green button:


You get back to the main page. Click on 登陆 (say deng lu – meaning login)


A popup opens asking you to enter your account details. That’s the account you’ve just created.


After entering your information click 登陆 and you should be logged in. If you’ve forgotten you’re your password, click 找回密码 (say zhao hui mi ma – meaning get password)

Now you should be logged in. If not, you should see a red error messages. If you can’t speak/read Chinese, simply copy the message and use Google Translate or any other translation tool, this way it should be easy to make sense of the message.

Step 2: Securing your account

Different to most Western accounts, there was no email confirmation required for Sogou. So to make sure that in case you forget your password you can get a new one, click on your account name on the right top to get to your account profile.


To add another email address, click on 修改资料 (say xiu gai zi liao – meaning change information).


Enter your email address in the first text field and click 保存修改 (say bao cun xiu gai – meaning save changes).


Next you can either go back to the main page clicking on 首页 (say shou ye – meaning home) or logout clicking on 退出 (say tui chu – meaning logout).


Step 3: Securing your account 2

As it turns out, adding the email address in the webmaster account isn’t enough. You also have to go to to add additional information. If you’ve done everything in one go, you should be logged in, otherwise simply add your account information with email as username and password:


After being logged in, go to 账号安全 (say zhang hao an quan – account security), click on 密保邮箱 (say mi bao you xiang – meaning security/backup email address), enter your current password in the first text field and an often used email address in the second text field. If you would lose your password, you can let send you a new one to this email address. Click 下一步 (say xia yi bu – meaning next step).


Next go to the inbox of the email address you’ve added. You should have received an email from If you can’t find the email, make sure to check your spam folder. In the email is a long link, click on it and you will confirm to that you are the owner of the email address. You will be referred to a page and after 5 seconds you should automatically get back to your main account page. You can still add a phone number and security question if you want, that makes your account even more secure.

Lost password

Should you have forgotten your password for your account, go to, click on 登陆 and then on 找回密码.


You will now get to the account page.


Enter your username and the captcha and click on the green button to get to the next step.


In the next step, enter the missing part of your security email and click on the green button 发送验证邮件 (say fa song yan zheng you jian – meaning send confirmation email). You should then get an email from with a link in it (make sure you check your spam folder as well). Click on the link and you get to the following screen:


Enter your new password twice and after doing so successfully you’ll be referred back to the webmaster tools page.


With this short tutorial you should be able to manage to create a account even if you can’t make sense of the Chinese characters. Make sure you complete step 2 and 3 right after registration, otherwise getting a new password after forgetting the old one can be very difficult. Should you lose your password, you can run through the steps outlined above to get a new one.

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