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China CDN: Quantil

A quick introduction to Quantil, one of our top performers in the most recent CDN test


In our recent CDN performance test, Quantil came out on top of analysis one and in third place in analysis two. In the test, Quantil consistently outperformed the competition by quite a margin – reason enough to have a more detailed look at this company.

About Quantil

Quantil is a subsidiary of ChinaNetCenter, a Chinese company founded in 2000 and listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. According to Quantil’s website, they themselves are a leading CDN provider based in the USA with offices in the US (Santa Clara and Pasadena) and Asia (Kuala Lumpur). Quantil currently has 600 points of presence (POP) around the world.

Service and price

Quantil provides all the services you would expect from a CDN service provider with a big focus on China. In terms of pricing, information is rare on their website but according to CDN Planet, contracts start at USD 1000,- per month with a 12 month minimum duration.

Quantil and China

Through its parent company ChinaNetCenter, Quantil has access to an extensive network of over 500 POPs in China alone, which means around 80% of POPs are actually directly in China. This makes Quantil a great service provider for companies looking to specifically target the Mainland Chinese market.

In order to use their services in China, it seems that you’ll still have to apply for an ICP license. Quantil does, however, offer to assist with that.

More information

Here’s a list of links and resources this article was based on and where you can find out more about Quantil:


With the parent company in the Mainland directly and Quantil being based in the US, the company is able to offer the best of both worlds and seems to be a great fit for bigger websites with the necessary amount of traffic that makes a partnership interesting and worthwhile for both sides.

Information on the company in general and prices in particular are sparse on the internet, so if you’re interested in Quantil’s services, simply contact Quantil directly for more information.

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