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Add a website to your webmaster account

How ot add and verify new websites using webmaster tools


After showing you, how to create an account on, let’s go on and add a website to Sogou’s webmaster tools. Adding a website is the first step to be able to add your website’s sitemap. So let’s get started.

Step 1: Adding the website

Log into webmaster tools and click on 站长工具 (say zhan zhang gong ju – meaning webmaster tools).


There click on 添加网站 (say tian jia wang zhan – meaning add a website).


In the popup shown above, add your website’s URL the way I’ve added and the date your website went public. If your website went public before 2013, choose the 2013 option in the dropdown. When you’re finished click on 下一步 (say xia yi bu – meaning next step). Give it some time to close the dialog, that might take a bit.


You should now be able to see your website listed below the button you just pressed to add the new website. The problem now is, that it hasn’t been verified yet, that you are actually the owner of the website. That’s the next step we’ll have to take.

Step 2: Verifying ownership

To get started click on 验证网站 (say yan zheng wang zhan – meaning verify website ownership).


In the dialog that opens you now have two options of how to verify the ownership of your website. We’ll go with the first one here which is very similar to Google’s webmaster tools.


First click on 下载验证文件 (say xia zai yan zheng wen jian – meaning download verification document). You can then download a text document with the name sogousiteverification.txt. Upload the document to your website’s root directory.

Next click on 点击这里 (say dian ji zhe li – meaning click here) to test that the document has been uploaded to the correct folder on your server. If it has, then you should see a short string of letters, if not you would probably see a 404 error telling you that the website doesn’t exist. Make sure this works before you go on.

Once the verification document is in the correct spot, go to the bottom of the dialog and click 完成验证 (say wan cheng yan zheng – meaning finish verification). A red text appears saying 正在进行验证,请稍候… which basically means that verification is in process and asks you to wait for a moment. If there’s still no action after a couple of minutes, click again until the dialog closes.


Now the website has been verified successfully. Towards the end you have a link called 设为默认站点 which allows you to set this website as default website. This is only important if you have more than one website in your account. Via the link at the end of the row with the + in front of it you can furthermore add subdomains if you wish to do so.

Verification via meta data

In the verification process there’s also an option to verify via meta data. This might be needed in case you e.g. don’t have access to your server directly.


To use this, simply skip the document part described in step 2 above and instead copy the meta tag marked red in the screenshot above. Then copy it to the header of your website. Make sure the meta tag appears in the code of your website and then simply go on clicking 完成验证.


After creating the account in one of our last posts, this tutorial explains how to add a new website to your account. There shouldn’t be a limit regarding to the amount of websites you can add. In some of our upcoming posts we will now go on and add some additional information about our website that will allow to better index our website and show nicer search results to their users.

by | Aug 21, 2016 | Search Engines

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