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China Website Audit

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No visitors from Mainland China on your website? No Chinese buyers in your web shop? Unfortunately, most Western web developers know very little about optimizing a website for the Chinese market. The China Website Audit helps you to make your website or online shop Mainland China ready. The potential reasons for why your website performs poorly in China are endless, but one very likely one is speed. As part of our China Website Audit we will work out why your website is slow and give suggestions on how to fix those problems. All measures are relatively easy to implement and delivered in a cookbook style format ready to be implemented one by one.

But is speed the only reason why your website is performing poorly in Mainland China? Probably not. Depending on what kind of website you’re running social media, payment methods or targeting are only 3 of many potential problems apart from speed where your website might fall short. As part of the China Website Audit we take a look at all of your content and processes and make suggestions based on our extensive experience working in both Western and Chinese environments. It would be a pity to miss out on a potential 1.4 billion visitors and clients. The China Website Audit can be your first step closer to conquering this market.

Wolfgang Geiger

Wolfgang in the West, 小狼 (little wolf) in China

Hi, my name is Wolfgang Geiger. I have suffered from slow Western website in China for an extended period of time. Many US or European websites are slow, show up without design or simply crash completely. The most frustrating part of those experiences is, that as a web developer I know that most of those problems are relatively easy to fix. In summer 2016 I realized I had to do something about that and started the China Website Audit as a service offered by my web development agency Wohok Solutions Limited in Hong Kong.

As my name suggests, I’m originally from Austria, studied computing and business management in England, went on to study Mandarin for 2 years in Beijing and today live and work in Hong Kong. My wife is from Shenzhen, China and to this day I am in Zhuhai or Shenzhen at least 2-3 times a month. I love China, its food culture, the people and even the once so mysterious characters (I say that today after some painful months and years of studying). I very much enjoy Chinese people’s humor which is most visible on Weibo (best known as Chinese Twitter in the West). And it’s Weibo that best illustrates the potential of the Mainland Chinese market where more than half of the 1.4 billion people are active online. With the China Website Audit I hope to be able to open up that 700+ million people market to your business or website and help you succeed in the land that is much more than rice and pandas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this legal?

Yes, we are law abiding citizen and don’t want to you break any laws either. In fact, optimized websites for China don’t differ too much from most other websites, it’s all up to the details.

How much is the audit?

The audit costs USD 1790,- including everything from recommendations regarding technical improvements over social media suggestions to general strategic advice.

What is not included?

The audit does not include any hands-on work. However, the report contains everything you need to either pass on to your web developer or implement yourself.

How long does the audit take?

You will receive a complete audit within 2 weeks of payment.

What if I’m not satisfied?

We have a 100% money back guarantee for the first month after delivery. So in case that you are not happy with the report, you get a 100% refund.

Do I have translate my website?

Translating your website to Mandarin does of course help, is, however, not mandatory. Depending on your website an English only version might even have its advantages.